24 Oct 2012

+BONES go Fine

And the new project of +Bones takes off!
+BONES Go Fine!
 Those are the initial designs for the Ring Collection:

2 Oct 2012


 But before we move on to the next chapter of +BONES, the pieces from the recent exhibition "Cast from Different Moulds" in School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University in Birmingham, UK.

ChestBone I, mixed media, 2012

NeckBone I, mixed media, 2012

 HandBone I, mixed media, 2012
 HandBone II, mixed media, 2012

 FingerBone V, mixed media, 2012

 FingerBone II, mixed media, 2012

 FingerBone III, mixed media, 2012
FingerBone IV, mixed media, 2012
FingerBone I, mixed media, 2012

1 Oct 2012


It's been a while...
Moving to a new flat, no internet connection thinking about new stuff of work and all...
My full online portfolio ->http://elenizolia.wix.com/jewellerysculpture#!home/mainPage
Not only +BONES but the whole stuff.
And new work is coming soon.

28 Aug 2012

Making Bones for the neck…

I’m going to start from the bones of the neck as it is a category that if you look into it you will find it absolutely fascinating. Personally at first I thought the bones of the neck are almost similar in all creatures but after some research they are not. Actually they have the greatest variety in nature.

From dinosaurs to animals…

 *Photos taken by me from Natural History Museum in London and the book EVOLUTION, 7 stories pressed

And to humans…

As you see there are plenty of elements to be combined, changed and transformed.
That’s how it works…

26 Aug 2012

Why this blog?

Ok… After all the formal stuff it’s time to explain the existence of this blog.

The whole “bones thing” may spook some people.  Funny thing but it can happen. However, they are something natural and very important for our life.
Through my work I develop a different view on them. I am not neither a biologist, a scientist nor a forensic anthropologist…! I am not going to make any scientific analysis (I do not even know the actual name of some bones believe me!) or try to create a “spooky” feeling –at least not for now- by giving any impression of scaring remains. I admire and research a sculpture made by nature by taking its aim away -at least for the time being- and I develop new sculptures out of it. On the other hand, I keep the fact that the bones indicate the existence of the flesh as they hold it and give its shape. With different bones we would be different creatures, so simple. So just say that I am playing with nature by creating a transformation of the real thing.
Actually we are living in a world that speaks about the transformation of the body far too much and by any means, from plastic surgery to DNA technology. So why not art participate into this just by putting the question of what would happen, “if” that transformation was much deeper?

Bottom line, this is what this blog is about, to communicate and discuss my ideas and explain my pieces. Sketchbooks are just too personal and more for educational reasons. Here I can better show the way of thinking and how this concept evolves and adjusts to different minor concepts as time passes.
So stay tuned!

24 Aug 2012

Just a quick view...

Just a small taste of what is coming from me in the MA show:
School of Jewellery Birmingham, UK
Private View: 8th September 2012 6pm
Open to the public: 10-26 September 2012

7 Aug 2012

Artist's statement

Eleni Zolia, NeckBone I, neckpiece, mixed media, 2012,
photo/photo-manipulation: Eleni

     My work is “to make bones”, not real bones, but artificial bones, external additions and extensions to the actual ones.
     When looking at bones of different creatures individually, they are a kind of natural sculptures. However, they have a very specific structural purpose. What happens if we take that purpose away and we consider them only as art objects with the potential of further development?
     The actual shapes of human or animal bones are my inspiration. I reform them, I make them fluid, futuristic and even strange. I create three-dimensional shapes that are pure white, as a synthetic bone would be. Resulting in light weight final objects, though they are big in size, they can easily be carried on the body and become a part of it.
     Even if I describe myself more as a sculptor than as a jewellery maker, my pieces are jewellery in their own way. My sculptures are to do with the body. They are inspired by it, placed on it and are combined with it. They stand on the body by their shape in a clear relation with the bones underneath the skin. They are +BONES!

6 Aug 2012


 When I started the MA, I aimed to evolve my designs to more fluid and curvy shapes.

Eleni Zolia, Ring, 2011, acrylic sheet

     The shape of the car has to do with the aerodynamics and the movement. As a result, I was for a while driven to make experimentations about mechanisms for kinetic jewellery.

 Eleni Zolia, Handpiece, 2011, acrylic sheet, acrylic tube, brass, ball bearing

As I was looking for my personal style of aesthetics, researching about streamline, retrofuturism and futurism, I settled on the futuristic aspect. I made pieces that are characterised by white, fluid surfaces. They can be worn, actually positioned on the body, in unfamiliar ways. Still they remain sculptures even without the wearer.

 Eleni Zolia, Hand Sculpture, 2012, polymer clay, electroforming, spray painted

When I made this piece, biomorphism became a point of interest and I thought about combining aerodynamics and biomorphism.

 Eleni Zolia, Hand sculpture, 2012, Milliput, electroforming, spray paint

Were my objects going to be futuristic organisms fluidly growing on the body?

Eleni Zolia, Ring, 2012, modelling wax, casting, bronze, spray paint

     However, the viewers of my work insisted that my objects resemble to bones.

Eleni Zolia, model for hand piece, 2012, air drying – air light clay

They were placed on the body like some kind of additional bones. This was the final key to define my style, what I am doing, how and for which reason.

5 Aug 2012


First blogging so let’s just present myself…

     I am Eleni Zolia and I would like to introduce myself as a sculptor and jewellery designer/maker. I am initially trained as a regular silversmith. I have made pieces out of silver using traditional techniques.


Eleni Zolia, “Prisoner”, ring, silver-copper, horizontal lamination technique, 2008

Eleni Zolia, bracelet, silver, 2009

Eleni Zolia, neckpiece and ring, silver, reticulation technique, 2010

     When I was trained as a jewellery designer, I experimented and produced work in different styles following particular projects.

Eleni Zolia, “Orange in Chocolate” in the subject Pop Art, ring, polymer clay, resin, 2010

Eleni Zolia, “Balloon Rings” inspired by Jeff Koons’s sculptures, water paint, 2010

Eleni Zolia, “Architectural bracelets”, models for bracelets, acrylic tube, balsa wood, 2010

     During my essay for diploma, my love for fluid and aerodynamics curves surfaced. I made a series of rings based on the curves of the cars.

Eleni Zolia, ring and its design progress, silver, titanium, acrylic sheet, 2011

     And this is from where I started developing my work during my MA in Birmingham School of Jewellery...