5 Aug 2012


First blogging so let’s just present myself…

     I am Eleni Zolia and I would like to introduce myself as a sculptor and jewellery designer/maker. I am initially trained as a regular silversmith. I have made pieces out of silver using traditional techniques.


Eleni Zolia, “Prisoner”, ring, silver-copper, horizontal lamination technique, 2008

Eleni Zolia, bracelet, silver, 2009

Eleni Zolia, neckpiece and ring, silver, reticulation technique, 2010

     When I was trained as a jewellery designer, I experimented and produced work in different styles following particular projects.

Eleni Zolia, “Orange in Chocolate” in the subject Pop Art, ring, polymer clay, resin, 2010

Eleni Zolia, “Balloon Rings” inspired by Jeff Koons’s sculptures, water paint, 2010

Eleni Zolia, “Architectural bracelets”, models for bracelets, acrylic tube, balsa wood, 2010

     During my essay for diploma, my love for fluid and aerodynamics curves surfaced. I made a series of rings based on the curves of the cars.

Eleni Zolia, ring and its design progress, silver, titanium, acrylic sheet, 2011

     And this is from where I started developing my work during my MA in Birmingham School of Jewellery...

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