26 Aug 2012

Why this blog?

Ok… After all the formal stuff it’s time to explain the existence of this blog.

The whole “bones thing” may spook some people.  Funny thing but it can happen. However, they are something natural and very important for our life.
Through my work I develop a different view on them. I am not neither a biologist, a scientist nor a forensic anthropologist…! I am not going to make any scientific analysis (I do not even know the actual name of some bones believe me!) or try to create a “spooky” feeling –at least not for now- by giving any impression of scaring remains. I admire and research a sculpture made by nature by taking its aim away -at least for the time being- and I develop new sculptures out of it. On the other hand, I keep the fact that the bones indicate the existence of the flesh as they hold it and give its shape. With different bones we would be different creatures, so simple. So just say that I am playing with nature by creating a transformation of the real thing.
Actually we are living in a world that speaks about the transformation of the body far too much and by any means, from plastic surgery to DNA technology. So why not art participate into this just by putting the question of what would happen, “if” that transformation was much deeper?

Bottom line, this is what this blog is about, to communicate and discuss my ideas and explain my pieces. Sketchbooks are just too personal and more for educational reasons. Here I can better show the way of thinking and how this concept evolves and adjusts to different minor concepts as time passes.
So stay tuned!

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